William Landon Farrell (Remote Pilot Certificate # 4214233)
In the summer of 1970, I began doing aerial filming in a Cessna 150 above my grandparents’ farm in Spofford, NH. Nearly 50 years later,I continue to capture impressive aerial visuals without the expense and inherent risk of putting myself in an aircraft.

I’m an FAA licensed commercial drone pilot and I take my profession seriously. As a video producer and photographer, aerial filming with drones has integrated beautifully into  my craft. What I can now produce for my clients is beyond anything I could ever achieve in the Cessna. My drones allow me to produce cost effective videos and photos for my clients that have great impact. 

My drone practice includes (but is not limited to) capturing footage and photos for Web-Based Promotions, Broadcast Quality TV commercials, Real Estate Photography, Special Events/Sports Video and Photography, Mapping and 3D Modelling using DroneDeploy®. 

I provide integrated editing, narration and production services through Farrell Video Productions, the company I founded in 1999. Since then, I’ve produced thousands of web-based videos and tens of thousands of photographs for my clients.