Fees and Services


 I am a licensed FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Aerial Operator and I produce high quality commercial aerial videos as well as photographs. Fees for my services are $67.50 per hour (plus $0.45/mile) for all organization, pre-flight inspection, and I carry a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance for all on-site video, photography and aerial recording. I also provide post-production, editing and distribution. Additionally, I give a ceiling price for each project and I will always hold to that agreed price.


Promotional and Web-Based Video

By using aerial videography and photography, these brief web-based productions are very effective in getting potential customers to understand you, your staff and your services. These promotional videos can be placed on your website and delivered via YouTube®, Vimeo®, Facebook® as well as DVDs, Blue Ray Discs, SDHCV cards and Flash Drives.

Broadcast Quality Commercials

I build 15 or 30 second spot commercials and deliver them in most acceptable broadcast formats. 

Real Estate Video and Photography

I work with Realtors® to produce high quality photographs as well as finished video productions that help them differentiate their listings. The combination of traditional camera work with aerial photography and videography greatly enhances a property’s setting. 

Special Events/Sports Video and Photography

By using a combination of aerial videography and photography, I can record various outdoor sporting events for distribution as well as for future promotions. These include (but not limited to) Non-FIS Alpine races, XC Skiing, Canoe Racing, Snowshoe Events, Recreational Skiing and any other events that require skiing or hiking and carrying gear into mountainous terrain

Mapping and 3D Modelling using DroneDeploy®

Depending upon my clients requirements, I determine a flight plan and fly a course collecting hundreds of photographs that will be “stitched” together using DroneDeploy®, a commercial application to produce orthomosaic maps that measure true distances, digital terrain models, gather Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices (NDVI), and generate 3D models of structures and landscapes including mountainous terrain.